We all have a diversity of talents within the range of niches. To be at the service of life, your three dominant niches define your ‘raison d’être’ – your life purpose.


How to interpret
the results
of the test ?
Choose the 3 niches
with the highest score…
  • Joy propagator
  • Concept designers
  • Artist
  • Scientist


Niche | Artist


Artists express their emotional capacity through their art. They infuse their creations with the power of the emotion which inhabits them. Their intrinsic role, unbeknownst to them, is to make those who appreciate their art, feel the same emotion with intensity, in their solar plexus.

The artist’s work does not necessarily appeal to all, but there are always takers for those who are receptive with the given style. Artists take us far into emotional being.

Fundamental need

Express the emotion that inhabits them.

What do they
contribute to this world ?

When art repeatedly touches a person, it is similar to building muscle through physical training; it stimulates and builds the emotional capacity in those who experience the art.

Artists bring emotional stimulation often neglected or suppressed by those who are too busy in concrete tasks; cartesian minds, mathematicians, scientists, those who are in physics and matter and cerebral people in general.

Art is essential to stimulate our vital balance, our own emotional centre and crucially – our ability to love…

Emotion means setting in motion. It is the starting point, for the required ‘movement’ to take action…

Without artists, other profiles might get obsessively lost in the details of their work. Art stimulates the capacity to love and is food for the soul.


Niche | Contemplative


In the broadest sense, ‘Contemplatives’ tend to have a special connection with nature. They are drawn to invisible, even mystical worlds.

They are intuitive, attentive observers and generally have a developed right brain. They are sensitive to their surroundings, sensing places, people, animals, plants. They might think they have a gift, a particular capacity of listening that is difficult to define – they know without necessarily understanding how they know.

They are often spiritual people and frequently engaged in causes that inhabit them.

Fundamental need

Awareness of the possible existence of other worlds.

What do they
contribute to this world ?

Contemplatives take care of the living in all its forms and make the invisible visible.

They facilitate evolution of consciousness, pushing the limits of what is tangible or known. Some point towards the possible existence of parallel worlds or realities.

The Ingenious
un homme en train de dessiner
Niche | Ingenious


‘Ingenious’ people seek to repair or improve what is mechanical. They are born very ‘handy’ – always fixing stuff in the house

Ingenious people love their tools and take good care of them. They are endowed with an analytical brain and are constantly on the lookout for systems to be repaired and improved. They are always up for ‘doing’ jobs.

They have motivation and perseverance to face technical challenges and have the ability to find solutions to optimize system operation.

Fundamental need

Finding the best mechanical solutions to make things work.

What do they
contribute to this world ?

The role of the ingenious is to repair, simplify, improve, optimize, invent tools at the service of the other niches.

un homme en train de serrer un boulon
un homme en train de construire un objet
Niche | Concept designers


Concept designers are ‘big picture’ thinkers and can visualise concepts, interconnecting the various parts of a system. This system awareness enables them to design new concepts with ease.

They are “serial builders” of projects and are able to create, from scratch, a new ecosystem, a new original prototype, etc.

They are often having several projects on the go at once and are excited maybe obsessed, with these projects, especially at inception. Having reached a certain level of completion, however, they tend to lose interest and, because they have other projects on the go, they move on.

Their motivation is to create concepts and to confirm that the concept can work. However, the day-to-day management bores them and eventually they lose interest.

Fundamental need

Experiencing the excitement of creating or building a new project.

What do they
contribute to this world ?

They create concepts and systems by innovating. They communicate the excitement of the project well and easily build interested teams who support and follow them. They are inventive and love what is new. They are needed in this changing industrial world because they facilitate transition to new ways of being and doing.

nécessaire à couture
femme en train faire un croquis
canapé avec des coussins
Niche | Communicator


Communicators have a clear ability to express themselves. They may even tend to write or talk too much! As a result, they are often naturally good at learning new languages.

They are insightful and find the right words for expressing and transmitting ideas, orally and/or in writing. They often like to draw attention to what they are trying to convey, by using their voice, their tone, their gestures, their audacity and often, their humour. They are articulate and often witty. Communicators are naturally curious, they like information and sharing it!

Fundamental need

Sharing what they find meaningful.

What do they
contribute to this world ?

Communicators are disseminators of information. They know how to make topics more attractive and understandable and thus bring them to the attention of the other niches, inspiring them in their choices.

micro radio
deux personnes en train de discuter
un homme en train de parler devant un public
micro de chanteur
une femme en train de parler face à un public
deux personnes en train de discuter
un homme en train de parler devant un public
plusieurs personnes se tendent la main
The Joy propagator
Niche | Joy propagator


Joy propagators like to make people happy, often with laughter, jokes, humour and fun in all its forms. There are those who like to play the host: to receive guests, to create a festive atmosphere, to facilitate fun and sharing within the group. Thus, they ensure the wellbeing of others through joy and relaxation. Beyond the excess that he imposes on himself, the joy propagator also enjoys the fun and games or the pleasure that he incites.

Fundamental need

May everyone around me be relaxed and happy…

What do they
contribute to this world ?

They come to relax the atmosphere by allowing distraction and pleasure. Once appeased, the other niches can perform, refreshed and enhanced

petit garçon en train de rire
jeune fille en train de rire
Niche | Scientist


Scientists seek to research the subjects they are interested in.

They are patient, methodical and analytical and often like to experiment to test their understanding. They research until they understand and then question the results to go further. This sometimes makes them seem obsessive, giving the impression of never reaching a final conclusion.

Fundamental need

Do detailed research and highlight discoveries, in relation to their guiding thread (their driving interest area)

What do they
contribute to this world ?

Scientists reveal the secrets of our terrestrial ecosystem, and its inhabitants, of the functionality of living things in all strata.

assiettes avec des feuilles dedans
feuilles d'arbres différents
deux enfants en train d'observer des plantes

the Social-altruist

Niche | Social-altruist


‘Socials altruist’ are born with natural empathy.

They tend to have a gentle, pleasing physique that incites and trust. A pleasant, soothing tone of voice and a sensitivity that is detectable in their morphology.

They have a natural capacity to listen and pay attention to other’s needs. They are able to find the right words to soothe. They are not, or rarely, judgmental. They are compassionate altruists.

They have a great capacity for love and are often very emotional.

Fundamental need

To serve with devotion and/or care.

What do they
contribute to this world ?

Their role is to nurture and treat the weaknesses or dysfunctions of living beings. This may be expressed by working with humans, animals, plants or society in general.

deux femmes discutent ensemble

Among the ‘social’ profile, several sub-profiles are emerging:

  • Social-therapist: functioning best in individual relationships. …
  • Social facilitator works best with groups at different levels.
  • Social-unifier: likes to introduce people who he thinks should meet, work together, or set up projects.
  • A mixture of the above profiles

It helps to remember that humans are ‘Social-altruist’ mammals which have always lived in groups, tribes, clans. Consequently, all humans have a ‘Social-altruist’ aspect to their niche profile. What primarily determines the ‘Social-altruist’ niche is their natural empathetic capacity, often to the point of forgetting themselves… This characteristic is often obvious in the person with this sub-niche.

une personne tape sur un clavier d'ordinateur
des personnes forment un cercle avec leurs mains

NB: Being ‘Social altruist’ does not mean that you are particularly sociable, with a strong desire to be surrounded by people. You can be a social altruist and be very introverted and still be an effective therapist.

the Beautifier
Niche | Beautifier


Beautifiers are usually people with diverse talents. They have an artistic side, without being emotionally built like an artist (see description of the artist below). The emotion they create is put into an ‘atmosphere’, an effect felt by those who appreciate their expression…

Their talent is to see and/or know how to sublimate, embellish, highlight according to the topic they favour… It can relate to a place, a landscape, a situation, a person, a story, a stage, an orchestra, a musical piece, a face… Their work brings aesthetic quality.

According to their personal style, they take care of their image and are concerned about the details and the accessories they use (on their person or around them). Their image and the atmosphere they give off are important.

Fundamental need

Surround themselves with beauty or beautify what surrounds them… (according to their personal criteria).

What do they
contribute to this world ?

They beautify and enhance. They can create the atmosphere, the context, the framework necessary for the expression of all the other niches. They know how to reveal, sublimate… in the expression of their preferred topic. They perceive the meaning, functionality, and can reveal beauty and enhance the atmosphere that will emerge. On this basis, they can reformat and/or market products, services or ideas, thus persuading others through their ability to impress or seduce with what they create. As a result, beautifiers often like to be seen, appreciated and admired by others. In a perfect image, they sometimes know how to appear humble, often attentive and sometimes very generous with their gifts, which they express without measure.

une personne tient un bouquet de fleurs
une femme tient des fleurs au dessus de ses yeux
un homme en train de prendre une photographie