Why take the ‘niche’ test?

23 Jun 2023

We spend much of our lives at work … The “job”! We might have a good job, a bad job, or an OK job… but we all need a job to survive in this money-oriented world, right?

When you meet someone for the first time, the obvious conversation starter is the topic of your work. We tend to identify ourselves with our profession.

Furthermore, the word ‘work’ takes on a heavy connotation. People often say: “It’s a lot of work’, meaning it’s hard and strenuous. But as the narrative dictates, we all must work and earn our living…. So, how do we choose this work? How do we find the so-called ‘perfect job’?

In fact, it’s not a question of choosing your work but rather tuning in to your innate talents and transforming that into your profession.

So, why do we ‘work’? Can we say the honeybee works for the environment? Or the Giraffe works for the acacias it eats, the whales for the ocean, etc.? Of course not! When we speak about animals or plants, we talk about them simply doing what they were born to do in their natural environment. Whatever function they have; they express it first to serve life out of their instinct and then only feed themselves to be strong enough to ensure the continuity of the species.

For humans, however, we have lost our sense of integrity with the natural world – we no longer express ourselves through our work to sustain life. In fact, rather than promoting thriving life, we are ‘surviving’ and so, we feel we have to work to satisfy our personal needs. We have forgotten how nature works, how the human species is an integral part of the ecosystem and that we have a deeper purpose to serve life on earth and each other. Instead, we continue to work to earn the money that we think is the key to making us happy.

Today, in France, as well as around the industrialised world, we are waking up; with the sharp rise in the cost of living, we can see that we are working just to survive.

or many, going to work doesn’t make us feel good anymore. People express the wish to spend more time with their children, spouses, friends, or simply to work on more ‘important’ things … Meanwhile, complex debates are running on social networks on the age of retirement along with ‘Quiet Quitting’. We hear proposals and ideas … yet no concrete solution has emerged from these exchanges. It seems an inevitability that to have a ‘good’ life, you have to keep working to keep earning. We look for the biggest salary possible or great benefits, otherwise it feels that we can’t be happy. Of course, since our needs grow faster than our incomes, this elusive ‘happiness’ is always just around the next corner. So, what is left to do, but to become a quiet quitter by doing the minimum at work?

Nonsense! Humbug!

Things must change and they will, whether we like it or not!

We can humbly accept that we are simply the products of the programming of the industrialised world which has formatted us to produce and to consume. We have reached the limits; we are facing a wall and we don’t know how to go beyond.

Everyone agrees that we change is needed on many levels: governance, legal system, business, fossil fuel consumption and especially our next-door neighbor!  Yet change must also come from within.

When you change the world, YOU change too.

(quote) Bernard Alonso

We spend much of our time at work. So, I suggest starting by looking at our work situation to find a strategy. Happiness is not something one can postpone. Life is too short.

I (Bernard) know that the strategy proposed fits for all. Why am I so sure? Because the niche concept of is part of the law of nature. Indeed, this is the mission of Human Permaculture:  reconnecting you to your three dominant niches to define your ‘’ raison d’être’’ – your life purpose.

Good news: There is nothing wrong with you! You are simply a product of the old, unsustainable program.  It probably means, you are not expressing your innate talents, which we call your ‘niche’, in Human permaculture. If you are not happy in your job and feel there is nothing you can do about are not expressing who you are within. It is as though we would ask the ladybird to do the job of pollinating flowers because of the lack of bees. Of course,  you couldn’t get one insect to do another insect’s job – it wouldn’t work. You cannot change your innate program; you must express it! When you are expressing your innate talents, it’s easy, it comes naturally since it is a gift from birth. Nothing is wrong with you or with your job – you are simply not expressing your vocation – the one that is part of your ‘inborn software’. Good news, we can help you now… and it’s free of charge.

If you recognise yourself as having this discomfort at work, this is a perfect opportunity for you to reconsider your ‘work’.

Bernard Alonso and team P H I – (International Human Permaculture) www.humanpermaculture org. has set up an easy test that will help you confirm your three dominant talents, probably set in your DNA. They will be revealed to you. Just like the ladybird, we are born with tools to express our uniqueness. It cannot be otherwise, it’s for every living being the same, why not you? Either you don’t know your major talents, or you express them in your hobbies … or you have neglected them for some reason. They are within you, still waiting to be expressed.

Now do not even doubt if this is possible or not … This test will prove it to you! Just sit up, relax and calmly do it now, online! our vocation will be revealed… or confirmed.  Enjoy!

Test link  https://permaculturehumaineinternationale.org/test-en-wpml/?lang=en

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